"Making Mental Health Conditions Visible and Beautiful", Neuroblooms Website

From the Neuroblooms website,

The Neuro Blooms project began with my mixed media paintings based on brain scans of people experiencing different mental health conditions. I’m compelled by the beauty of PET scans, as well as their power to convey the brain’s role in mental illness. This project has personal roots in my own experience with major depression as well as my mother’s struggle with bipolar disorder.
In 2018 I partnered with Shiny Apple Studio to develop a series of enamel pins based on the original art. Initially released on social media, people post pictures in support of loved ones or tell stories of their own mental health conditions. The pins spark conversations about the causes and stigmatizing myths surrounding mental illness. The Neuro Blooms project has grown to include events in conjunction with art exhibits designed to deepen awareness of mental health issues

We partnered with Neuroblooms to showcase that mental health issues are valid and real especially through the beautiful art representation created by Leslie Holt.