Spoon Theory

Written By: Lauren Pearson

Image Credit: https://smalleststeps.ca/have-you-heard-about-the-spoon-theory/

The term "I'm a spoonie" often resonates with individuals with chronic, neurodiverse conditions and other ailments which may cause challenges with tasks. This includes people with invisible disabilities such as mental illness (depression, anxiety, etc) as well.

"The Spoon Theory" is a personal story by Christine Miserandinio which quantifies energy in the measurement of "spoons". Individuals with chronic illnesses or neurodiverse conditions use the spoon theory to explain levels of exhaustion.

It is CRUCIAL to note that no two individuals have the same amounts of spoons CERTAIN TASKS TAKE UP DIFFERENT AMOUNTS OF SPOONS!!

Mundane tasks like getting out of bed may take up more spoons depending on the person.

Overall, spoon theory offers a unique perspective on the quantification of one's energy levels.

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