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From the Socolo website,

“Socolo was founded in February 2021 by graphic designer and neurodiversity advocate, Chantal Gagnon and is run from her colourful studio in London.

After not being able to find notebooks with colourful paper to accommodate her neurodiversity (dyslexia and Irlen syndrome), Chantal decided to create Socolo - a stationery company to help ease visual stress in adults.”


From a personal perspective, visual stress has been attributed to some of the challenges that accompany being neurodivergent. I was also diagnosed with strabismus and wore glasses for half of my life until I had corrective surgery last year. However, I still felt the overwhelming stimulation amidst the white paper.

Recently, I had the opportunity to test out some of Chantal’s notebooks which I absolutely adored. The colourful paper was both visually appealing and beautiful. I found the paper to be high quality and did not overstimulate my eyes as I wrote on the notebooks.

The smooth paper offered a pleasurable writing experience.

As an avid writer myself, it was so eye-opening to have a product that catered to my individual needs. I would highly recommend these notebooks to anyone, especially neurodivergent individuals like me.

See the picture towards the left which shows the three notebooks in their prospective colours (left to right: pink, blue and green).

I personally adored the blue notebook as it gave off a calming and relaxing essence towards the writing experience.

All of the notebooks are lined and work perfectly for journaling or whatever your creative desires. I use them for daily reflections and journalling entires.


In conclusion,

I want to take some time to appreciate Chantal and her effort to turn her personal triumphs into the entrepreneurial spirit. I find this beyond inspiring as this ideology is similar to what we embrace through our work at DiverseNeuro.

Through collaborating with fellow neurodivergent changemakers, we can continue to make a global difference. I also want to thank Chantal for the continuous support regarding my work at DiverseNeuro, thank you for believing in our mission.


- Check out Socolo at

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