Meet The Team

DiverseNeuro Executive team


Lauren Pearson

Founder & President 

At 17 Lauren is both a high school student and an avid neurodiverse advocate. She created this neurodiversity organization in lieu of her own experiences with being neuroatypical.  


Lauren is a member of the Stanford Neurodiversity Project and a part of the NNEA initiative (Network for K-12 Advocacy and Education). She is currently working on projects to further her neurodiversity advocacy.  

In the future, she hopes to pursue academic and advocacy efforts in collaboration with the Stanford Neurodiversity Project

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Scarlett Dezan

Director of Outreach 

Scarlett is a dedicated high school student. She enjoys being involved in the community and has experience with many different volunteering organizations.


Her goal in life is to dedicate a part of herself to improving the world. She is passionate about DiverseNeuro and is thankful to be involved.



Director of Design

  Pablo is the newest executive team member. They use They/Them pronouns, they are Autistic, they are a High Schoolers, and they’re From Texas 
Their Special Interest include
Pokémon, Education, and the Monstercat music label.

Pablo joined the team in hopes of finding a voice to advocate for themself and to hone in on their design skills. They have done extensive research on designing educational materials and hope to bring those skills to the table to create new experiences for adults and kids alike to learn about Neurodiversity through DiverseNeuro.

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